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Go Ginger was created in Switzerland by Gorka during his university studies. Gorka sought a refreshing beverage derived from all natural ingredients reflected on his extensive travels to the far east and his knowledge of organic foods which led to the formulation of the Go Ginger beverage line, which is not only refreshing but tasty. 

Happy with the formulation Go Ginger was initially available at local bars and boutique eateries in Geneva Switzerland. Go Ginger quickly became the talk of the town, then the country, and is now one of the most sought after beverages.       


What's in the Bottle?

Go Ginger sources its ingredients directly from farmers and growers using best farming practices.  We continually seek the finest quality ingredients for our beverages, while supporting farmers and fair trade.  

Some of the ingredients you will recognize in our bottles are lemon, curcumin, and vanilla. Try a bottle tell us what you taste.  


Flavors & Ways to Serve

Go Ginger comes in four flavors, Original, Lemongrass, Sugar Free, and Ganja.

Served cold Go Ginger is a refreshing drink, served hot it is a relaxing drink that soothes the soul. Great as a party mix too. 

Go Ginger Locations

Distributors & Retailers

Distributors & Retailers


Check back to find a Go Ginger location near you.  

Our Go Ganja version is only available where hemp infused products may be legally produced, distributed, and consumed.

Distributors & Retailers

Distributors & Retailers

Distributors & Retailers


 Go Ginger is pleased to work with distributors, retailers and online stores.  Contact us to discuss how you may acquire Go Ginger products today. 

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